Fauji Foundation Hospitality Education Program


Pakistan’s growing population has resulted in a “youth bulge” with 64 percent of the population under the age of 30, and 29 percent between the ages of 15-29 years.  Current economic growth rates are insufficient for the economy to absorb the one million youth entrants into the workforce each year. This has resulted increased in youth unemployment rate.  Hospitality & Tourism sector in Pakistan is flourishing and offers tremendous scope for employment to youth. The growing economic activities in Pakistan, particularly in relation to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor along with the thrive in domestic & international tourist flow across the Pakistan due to improved law and order situation has offered more prospects for employment and other economic opportunities.

Realizing the urgent need of workforce development in demand driven trades, the Fauji Foundation has envisioned to establish a state-of-the-art institutes to offer modern skills imperative to fulfill the growing demand of Hospitality & Tourism sector and ultimately helping youth transitioning into labor market, avail economic opportunities and improve their livelihoods.


  1. To provide youth with the knowledge and work readiness skills to pursue their careers in the hospitality & tourism industry
  2. To develop or adopt and implement contemporary training curricula in relevant and demand driven trades
  3. To develop linkages with industry stakeholders to bridge the skills gap and foster experiential learning through apprenticeships and on the job training
  4. To establish career counseling and placement support for smooth transition of skilled youth into labour market
  5. To nurture a culture of entrepreneurship through enterprise development support and partnerships with microfinance institution



Areas of Tourism and Hospitality Education


  1. Food Preparation and Culinary Arts
  2. Food And Beverage Services
  3. Accommodation Operation Services
  4. Reception Operation Services
  5. Customer Services
  6. Cultural and religious tourism




Upcoming Trainings


 Six Months Courses

  1. Cook Level 2 ( CBT – NAVTTC)
  2. Chef De Partie Level 3 (CBT – NAVTTC)
  3. Food & Beverage Captain (CBT – NAVTTC)
  4. Customer Services – Sales Assistants ( CBT – NAVTTC)
  5. Receptionist (NAVTTC)
  6. Bakery & Pastry (NAVTTC)

Short Courses

  1. English for Hospitality Associates
  2. Chinese for Hospitality Associates
  3. Domestic Baking
  4. Chinese Cuisines
  5. Italian Cuisines
  6. Food Safety in Catering
  7. Nutrition and Fitness – Healthy Diet
  8. Tourism and Area Guides
  9. Cultural and religious tourism


Eligibility Criteria

Minim required qualification for all the above mentioned courses will be matriculation, however in special cases having below matriculation will also be considered


Commencement of registration and enrolment


15th August, 2019


Commencement of classes


16th September, 2019